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We are currently have two openings in our beautiful new home.  The residence is set up as a shared housing model where each family owns a quarter share in the house.  The Sunridge model caters to individuals with moderate support needs. Residents may need 24/7 support available but can be independent within the home and function without direct supervision for stretches during the day. We are not set up for individuals with high behavioral or medical support needs. Some of our residents are verbal, some are not. Some need no personal care help, some do. We accommodate a spectrum of needs.

The care philosophy of Sunridge encourages positive reinforcement with respect to each Resident. We strive to integrate all the typical daily opportunities experienced by individuals into a unifying whole, so that these young men’s lives are truly as rich and fulfilling as possible. In addition to living in their own shared home with their housemates and house parents, residents have the opportunity to attend The Trellis Center, a community center created to support these residents. At Trellis they learn gardening, farming, life skills and to be part of a greater community where they make life-long friends. 


Sunridge Ranch is located just outside the quaint college town of Ellensburg two hours east of Seattle. Unlike Seattle, the climate is semi-arid with low rainfall and four distinct seasons. Outdoor recreation opportunities are abundant- skiing, snowboarding, alpine hiking, and fly fishing to name a few. The ranch home is specifically designed to promote independent living for four young men with developmental disabilities and utilizes various smart-home technologies designed to support this population.​


If you are interested in more information please email Kirsten Robertson at

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